High Yield, Low Risk Property Investment Opportunities

Secure by direct ownership in real property

High Yield | Low Risk Property Investment Opportunities

Secured by direct ownership in real property

Our Projects


18% P.A.







Investment Opportunities

5 Service Stations

1 Supermarket

5 Fast Food Outlets

3 Child Care Centres

12+ Specialty Stores

2 Medical Centres

* The above are subject to development conditions.

The Secure Capital Difference

Secure Capital is setting the standard for the best and most thorough due diligence of any investment group in Australia.

Our proprietary technology and unique insights give us superior knowledge to secure the best opportunities and allow our clients to invest with confidence.

When you invest with Secure Capital, you’re safeguarding your dreams for the future.

What Our Clients Say

Heather-Ann Bell

I am always rather careful with my investments. I’m generally reluctant to explore new opportunities, but Secure Capital’s meticulous approach to due diligence and extensive research gave me the confidence that my investment was being well looked after. I have felt very comfortable with my investments so far and plan on investing more in the future.

Brendan & Kym Hassen

We have now invested numerous times with the Secure Capital team and have received back strong annualised returns of 26%, 16.5% and 38%. Partnering with them has given us the freedom to focus on our bricks and mortar business whilst growing our passive income. When I think of Secure Capital, the words that come to mind are honesty, transparency and quality.

Paul Kett

I approached Secure Capital to help me grow my wealth after experiencing little success in previous commercial investments. They took the time to understand my financial goals and gave me specific and actionable advice on reaching them. In my short time with them, I have been able to grow my annual income. I recommend the Secure Capital team to both new and experienced investors.

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